We are an exciting and inspiring nursery where little people and big people have fun and learn together!

We aim to provide the highest quality childcare and pre-school education in a modern and stimulating environment where children feel happy and confident and supported and encouraged throughout their quest to learn about and explore the world they live in. Ultimately we wish, just as parents do, to give each and every child in our care the best possible start in life.

We are a family run day care provider with exceptionally high standards, owned and managed by a fully qualified primary school teacher with over 16 years’ experience of working with children, the majority of which spent within the early years and foundation phase age groups and also including children with a wide range of special needs. We successfully established a private day care nursery in the Monmouthshire area prior to opening the New Inn nursery and have the benefit of over 6 years’ experience in this field also. We are registered for up to 75 children from 6 weeks to 12 years and we are able to offer our services Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. ‘Cupcakes n Dinosaurs’ has been born out of coupling what we have learnt through both providing childcare and our own experiences of using private childcare and taking all ‘best practices’ into account, we’ve developed our own unique approach that truly has the child and the family at the heart.

We strongly believe that children should feel as happy, secure and nurtured in our care as they do in their own home environments. We aim to provide a safe and stimulating, but nurturing nursery setting in which children have both the support and the freedom to explore and discover the world and all the wonders it has to offer. We strive to create endless opportunities to develop and learn through play, creativity and imagination. We are committed to the care and progression of each and every baby and young child intrusted into our care and this is achieved through a warm, lively, friendly environment where children are valued and respected by a happy, hard-working team and carefully planned, exciting daily activities. Children are continually encouraged and praised and positively supported in order that they then reach their full potential. First and foremost, a child’s happiness will also be our first concern as we understand that once this is achieved the child is already equipped and able to begin the learning process. In recognition of parents/carers as a child’s primary educator, we intend to liaise to ensure consistency and attention to detail as far as a child’s welfare and education is concerned and with this in mind our staff are always approachable and ready to discuss your child’s needs and developments whenever you wish- we very much adopt an ‘open door’ policy and want our parents to be involved in every way in their child’s development. We understand that your son or daughter are most precious and it is one of the most difficult things you will do in your life to trust their care to others - we have been there too!

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Our Mission Statement: